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Otočec Castle
... leaving the capital city we set for the south - east of Slovenia, seeking tranquility and relaxation. We followed the advice by our friends – Otočec Castle and its surroundings. We felt refreshed after playing a bit of golf in the coolness of the lush green. For dinner, we tried delicious traditional dishes with a glass of the local Otočec wine. The next morning we decided to explore the gentle, lower-lying eastern part of Slovenia.

... we drove along picturesque roads towards Ptuj, Slovenia's oldest town. The Ptuj people, proud of the town’s millennia-long tradition, keenly preserve the town's cultural heritage. We learnt from the locals that we should pay a visit to the famous winter carnival, when the town is full of traditional masks, among them the ancient korant. The wine-makers from the Ptuj region produce top quality wines renowned all over the world.

... we drove further eastwards to the flat Pannonian Plain, to Prekmurje, which is famous for the prekmurska gibanica cake, baked already by grandmothers. Extensive cereal fields welcomed us along the way, among them huge pumpkin plantations. We spotted large birds, storks, which are believed to bring newborns into the family. Leaving this flat country we turned off into a more varied landscape...

The Logar Valley
... after a couple of hours' drive we reached the heart of the Kamnk-Savinja Alps. The Logar Valley ranks among the most beautiful glacial valleys in this part of Europe. At the end of the valley we encountered the Rinka waterfall, falling down several tens of metres, sprinkling water far around. Despite the summer heat, the valley was cool and pleasant. A lively narrow road led back to the Ljubljana Brnik airport.

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