3-Minute Promise

    Your car key in 3 minutes - or 30 €!

    Smart vehicle renters have long known: our free Avis Preferred service is the quickest and easiest way to pick up your rental vehicle. And now it's become even quicker - with the Avis Preferred 3-minute promise.

    Our undertaking: to give you your car key in no more than 3 minutes. If we don't succeed, you will receive a voucher for 30 €.
    The Avis Preferred 3-minute promise is now being offered in more then 500 stations across 10 countries (Germany, France, Portugal, Poland, Spain, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands, Czech Republic and UK).

    The service is steadily being rolled out all over Europe.

    This is how the Avis Preferred 3-minute promise works:
    1. If you are an Avis Preferred member, take your personal ticket from the ticket machine.
    2. Hand over this ticket - showing the exact time of issue - to our staff at the Avis Preferred desk together with your driving licence.
    3. You will receive your keys in 3 minutes at most - or we will give you a 30 € voucher!

    If, as an Avis Preferred member, you would prefer to sign a rental contract for every vehicle rental, you may of course continue to do so. In this case, however, we are unable to guarantee that this will be processed within 3 minutes - and you have no entitlement to recompense if the time limit is exceeded.

    Further benefits of Avis Preferred are:
    free membership
    dedicated Avis Preferred priority desk (next to the parking spaces at certain locations)
    documents prepared in advance
    no signature needed - simply display your driving licence
    your rental vehicle is waiting on the nearest parking space
    priority customer service
    special telephone number for bookings
    no need to re-enter your personal data when making a booking or picking up the rental car